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The Application

Official Best of Fest Awards accepts submissions only through Withoutabox.

Withoutabox offers filmmakers unprecedented access to major channels for promoting and distributing their work, including: Screening at international Film Festivals, streaming on the Internet via IMDb Theaters, and selling DVDs and Video On Demand downloads on Amazon.com and other channels, via CreateSpace.

Filmmakers find festivals that interest them in a number of great ways, including:  Withoutabox’s festival browser and search engine, weekly deadline updates, a vibrant message board community.  All festival listings are presented in a standard, easy to digest format.  Filmmakers just set up an account, click to apply, pay any festival entry fees online, and receive a confirmation page and tracking number, which includes simple instructions on where to mail a DVD screener.

The Official Best of Fest Awards are currently on hiatus. Contact us at Official Best of Fest if you’d like to be kept abreast of developments!